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Classic American Riding Challenge

The Challenge

Your New Years Resolution starts here! Find happiness in the new year. Ride more! Compete against yourself or other Classic American Thunder Cycle riders in this year long competition. Who will ride the most miles by the end of 2024?


All riders start Jan. 1st, 2024, but registration must be completed before riders are put on our leaderboard. Participants must have a picture that includes their odometer reading beside a dated receipt. We have also changed our system and this year will now also be showing mile increase per month.


Prize: For 2024, the year long competition will remain free to enter. The grand winner will receive a $100 gift certificate and we will have a lottery of all participants for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate.

New Riders: Print a registration form. The date of the receipt and the date of the witness signatures must match for us to verify entry information. Otherwise, stop by the shop to have us fill out your registration form and verify your odometer start miles for you.


Returning Riders: If your information has not changed, and you still have the same motorcycle (s), please send a picture of a current receipt beside your odometer, and we will not require a new registration form to be submitted for the 2024 competition. 

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The Challengers

Let’s Ride Together

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