Made in the USA

Designed by Spectro in response to complaints from Harley owners about the great but noisy new 6-speed transmission, this full synthetic provides ultimate lubrication protection. Formulated to significantly reduce gear noise and provide easier, smoother shifting, this SAE 75w140 formulation eases shifting even when cold. High loads and extreme heat do not affect the oil, so it performs well when pushed hard and long. A.P.I. GL-5 rated.

SPECTRO HD 6 Speed Transmission Lube Full Synthetic 75W-140 - 1 Qt


Brand: DRAG Specialties

Type: *Engine Oil

Viscosity: 20W50

Oil Base: Conventional

Although this oil may be advertised for use as transmission and primary oil, we highly recommend using oils that are designed specifically for those applications. Always refer to your motorcycle's User Manual.