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Little Bear Riding Competition 2023

The Challenge

The “Little Bear Motorcycle Challenge” is intended to get the average distance rider on a long distance ride. This is a 500+ mile motorcycle challenge - twisting and turning through the best roads to a check point 200-300 miles from the start. The rider will collect points along the way on the way there and back to the start. The route will be the rider's decision, while picking up as many bonus points along the way as possible. The start point, middle check point and end point are all that is required to be considered a finisher and earn a patch. The rider that collected the most points along his/her route will be the winner. Simply take a picture with your supplied numbered flag at a bonus point, e-mail your picture with required bonus info to and get to the next bonus point. Follow the bonus instructions for each bonus point. The bonus packet will give a location, coordinates of bonus, picture, instructions for bonus pictures, bonus code and point value for each bonus. The first, middle and last check points MUST have correct pictures according to instructions to be considered a finisher and receive a riders patch.


The ride will start at 6AM, September 30th,2023 at Classic American Thunder Cycle, 26527 SR62, Beloit, Ohio. The riders will have 14 Hrs to complete the ride from the start to the middle check point and back. How the rider chooses to route and plan for bonus points is up to the rider. No riders can finish before 5 PM. After 8 PM on September 30th, riders will have points deducted until 8:30pm when they will be eliminated. Riders must complete the instructions properly to earn bonus points. Pictures with-out riders flags, or wrong locations, will not be considered for bonus points. Lost pictures of claimed bonus points will not count. Rider number flags will be supplied.


THIS IS NOT A RACE AND IS NOT INTENDED AS A RACE! DO NOT BREAK THE LAW! IF A RIDER IS DEEMED UNSAFE THEY WILL BE ELIMINATED IMMEDIATELY! All are welcome to attend the end of the ride meet and greet starting at 6 PM, September 30th at Classic American Thunder Cycle.


This IS OPEN to the public and ALL motorcycles are welcome! To request a registration form, email The “Little Bear Motorcycle Challenge” will be using Life360 to track riders. Bonus points will be awarded to riders that join “The Little Bear Motorcycle Challenge” circle of friends on Life360 App. Just download the free app from your app store on your phone. After the event all tracking will be turned off. (App Is Not Required)


PRE-Registration, Rider Release and payment of $40.00 is required. Please fill out the registration form and e-mail to Payment can be made by searching "littlebear" and buying the registration packet, with paypal to, call Classic American Thunder Cycle to make payment by phone at 1-330-851-3317 or stop in-store. The rider BONUS packet will be e-mailed seven days before the start, allowing riders to plan their route. The link to join the Life360 tracking app will be e-mailed 2 days prior to challenge to complete setup.

The Challengers

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Not all riders have sent in their pictures. Expected final points: 9 PM EST


Let’s Ride Together

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