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Manufactured by NGK (8196)

  • The ultimate in the evolution of spark plug technology and performance from the industry leader
  • The iridium electrode is 25% smaller than a platinum electrode, and it's just 1/4 the size of a conventional nickel electrode
  • Ultra-small diameter center electrode reduces voltage requirement and extends ignition system life
  • New metal shell plating has enhanced anti-corrosion qualities

Below is a cross reference list of spark plugs for use in most Harley models. While the Motor Company only recommends use of their original equipment Harley brand spark plugs, the other brands often exceed original specification and will not void your warranty. NGK and Autolite, among others, have always been a preferred performance plug for Harley motorcycles. In addition, it is often more convenient to use aftermarket spark plugs aside from the enhanced performance. All spark plugs listed meet or exceed manufacturer specifications.

NOTE: Iridium plugs should only be used with electronic ignitions, not for use with point ignitions.

Twin Cam 88”/96”: H-D Standard 6R12 / H-D Gold 6R12G / H-D Platinum 6R12PP / Screamin’ Eagle EX12S / ACCEL Y2418P / Autolite 4164 / Autolite Iridium XS4164 / Autolite Platinum AP4164DP2 / Bosch Platinum YR6LDE / Champion RA8HC / Denso Iridium IXU22 / NGK DCPR7E (3932) / NGK Iridium DCPR7EIX (6046) OR DCPR6EIX (8196) / Splitfire SF416D / NGK – Hotter – DCPR6E (3481) / NGK – Cooler – DCPR8E (4339) / E3 E3.36

Spark Plug NGK Iridium DCPR6Eix (99-17 Twin Cam)

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